Master Jan Hus and his message was the conference theme, which was held on 20 November 2015 at the Faculty of Theology in Kosice the part of Catholic University in Ruzomberok (TF CU) on the occasion of 600 years after Jan Hus was burnt to death. Many Christian theologians from different churches attended this academic event. Ecumenical Community of Churches and Christian Communities in Kosice organized this special event.


The view of Jan Hus has undergone many changes through centuries. In 90s during a visit in Czechoslovakia the Pope John Paul II regretted Jan Hus cruel death and for this act he apologized. Anton Konecny one of the conference organizers says about new view on Jan Hus: “ Since the Second Vatican Council there has been a change in the debate on religious freedom. When it was pointed out that Hus acted in accordance with his conscience even he was mistaken in many things, we admit that he wasn’t treated by love only by truth an this is a big issue. Nowadays Jan Hus is accepted as a reformer.


There were also the bishop of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church Jan Hradil and Metropolitan Archbishop and Great Chancellor CU Mons. Bernard Bober at the conference. Both of them appreciated the opportunity to honor Jan Hus by this event. Archbishop Bernard Bober has summed up the significance of the event: “ It is a great effort to evaluate ecumenically not only the individual Jan Hus but also the time of Reformation.“