runiverzCatholic University in Ružomberok (CU) in cooperation with Catholic Television Lux (TV Lux) has launched a new programme „RUNIVERZ“ - a tv journal about events and activities at CU. TV Lux introduces new part in two week period.


The title „RUNIVERZ“ is acronym. „RU“ stands for Ružomberok, the seat of Catholic University); „UNI“ stands for University;  „UNIVERZ“ for Universe, because one of main task of universities is to offer the knowledge of the world around us.

Students from the Department of Journalism are involved in the preparation of each part as well. It is a wonderful occasion for them to get practical skills in broadcasting.

If you wish to watch “Runiverz”, please, go to the archive of TV Lux (, click on “relácie” and under letter “R” choose “Runiverz”.