www.t2.sk 035The exhibition „Erasmus through the eyes of CU” organised by Foreign Relations Office at the occasion of 30. anniversary of the Erasmus program was opened in the University Library on Monday, 24.4.2017.


The ceremony was connected to the Slovak folk tradition, presented by songs and dances of young student´s folk group Čebrať. Introductory speeches delivered  by vice-rector for foreign relations, prof. František Trstenský and Institutional coordinator Mgr. Michaela Moldová Chovancová were followed by guests from Poland and Croatia. Dr. Agnieszka Klimska from Institute of Ecology and Bioethics of the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszinski presented her home institution. The Catholic University of Croatia was introduced by Ass. Prof. Hrvoje Kekez who is working there as a history teacher and as an institutional coordinator.


During the opening ceremony, the best Erasmus posters were awarded. The task of the competitors was to create poster, which would represent the anniversary of Erasmus program.


21 posters were involved in the competition and the winners are:


1. place (150 EUR award): Pavol Dérer
(Faculty of Arts and Letters, Department of Psychology)


2. place (100 EUR award): Nikola Hricková
(Faculty of Education, Department of Fine Arts)


3. place (50 EUR award): Katarína  Matušková
(Faculty of Health, Department of Public Health)


„Public prize“ went to Terézia Debnárová (Faculty of Health, Department of Physiotherapy) whose poster become the most popular on social network Facebook.


The main purpose of the exhibition was to present the values of the Erasmus program in professional but also personal life and to remind all students, teachers and employees who participated on this program.