benediktini 1From 15th to 26th July, vice-rector of Catholic University in Ružomberok spent at St. John's University in Minnesota (USA) and in the Benedictine community there.  The university campus, which has a total area up to 1400 hectares, is located amidst lakes in the beautiful scenery of nature. The whole area is dominated by the Church of St. John the Baptist built in the spirit of Benedictine simplicity.



Prof. Trstenský: “I visited this university four years ago in the cold winter I have ever experienced. I spent four month studying the Holy Scriptures. Now the Benedictines and the Ecumenical Institute gave me an opportunity to come again.”


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St. John's University is in the States and around the world well known especially thanks to the many books published by own publishing house -  the Liturgical Press, amazing Pottery items and an exceptional edition of Saint John's Bible (


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“As biblical scholar I had a chance to conduct research in beautifully renovated the Alcuin library. I have almost completed my newest book, which I want to publish in the upcoming fall. Everyday masses and prayers with the community of Benedictines monks refreshed and enriched my spirit,” concluded prof. Trstenský.


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