ilia state universityDuring the two academic years, from September 2016, the Catholic University in Ružomberok cooperates with the Ilia State University in Tbilisi under the Erasmus + KA 107 program. The cooperation focuses mainly on the exchange of teaching and training experiences, mobility for students and staff.


Two researchers in the field of psychology visited CU from the partner university. Until the end of project (May 2018) a teaching mobility of a pedagogue focusing on journalism is planned. Moreover, two Georgian students of psychology are studying at the Faculty of Arts and Letters. A teacher from the Department of Philosophy and an Erasmus University Coordinator realized the mobility at the Ilia State University. „According to some evaluations, Ilia State University is considered to be the second best university in Georgia. Their Faculty of Arts and Sciences has approximately 5,000 students, who usually start at a bachelor's degree in a liberal arts study and gradually specialize in the field of political science, philosophy or psychology. It is a young, but a progressive university, that cooperates with a number of high quality schools. The university is also active in many international projects", said Eugen Zeleňák. During the visit to Ilia State University meeting with Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and his colleagues took place. „Dean Giorgi Gvalia interpreted the interest in continuing and extending the cooperation between both universities. We look forward to it, because it opens the opportunity to focus on other areas and forms of cooperation”, summarized Michaela Moldová Chovancová.


Ilia State University is the first university in Georgia which cooperates with CU. Georgia is for many people unknown country, but it gets the visitor by its openness and hospitality. CU cooperates under the Erasmus + KA 107 program also with Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv and Uzhhorod National University, Uzhhorod.


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