All international Erasmus+ students must be nominated via e-mail by their home institution. Once you have been selected by your home university  please send us the following documents:

-          Application Form for students - typed, printed and signed by your Erasmus coordinator (handwritten forms will not be accepted)

-        Learning Agreement for studies

-         copy of Passport

-         copy of Travel Insurance

-          copy of VISA


Every year the deadlines for submitting Erasmus applications to study at the Catholic University in Ružomberok are:

:: 31th May for Winter Semester
:: 30th November for Summer Semester

All documents should be send by e-mail to:



Subjects offered in Foreign Languages 2019/2020:

Faculty of Arts and Letters

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Theology (situated in Košice)

Faculty of Health


Subjects offered in Foreign Languages 2018/2019:

Faculty of Arts and Letters

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Theology

Faculty of Health


Subjects offered in Foreign Languages - 2017/2018:

Faculty of Art and Letters


Subjects offered in Foreign Languages - Summer Semester 2016/2017:

Faculty of Art and Letters



Guide for Erasmus+ students



Fact sheet 2019/2020





Students are strongly advised to purchase personal travel health insurance valid for the territory of Slovak Republic and for the whole period of their stay. There is no health insurance coverage provided for students by either the clinical facilities or the Catholic University in Ružomberok. Students are expected to be personally responsible for treatment needed due to accidental injury or health risks.


Visa and Residence Permit


Slovakia is part of the Schengen Area. Citizens of non EU countries might need Visa for entering the Slovak Republic. Contact respective Slovak Embassy or Consulate in your home country to find out more details. The list of Slovak Embassies and Consulates by countries. If you are a national of one of the visa free regime countries, you can travel to Slovakia based on a valid travel document and stay here without a visa for a maximum period of 90 days withinany 180-day period.


Regardless of whether you are a third country national from a country which has a visa free regime with Slovakia or if you are required to have visa to enter the territory of Slovakia, you must report the beginning, place as well as the expected length of your stay to the Foreign Police within 3 working days from entering the country. In case you are staying at a hotel or other accommodation facility, this responsibility lies with the provider of accommodation. CUR offers accomodation for all international exchange students in its dormitory. Students living in CUR dormitories are registered by the dormitory automatically.


If you stay in Slovakia more than 90 days in one half-year you must apply for Temporary Residence Permit. The application is to be submitted in person at the Slovak Embassy or Consulate in your home country or at the Foreign Police Office after your arrival. Check with the Slovak Embassy or Consulate what is the best option for you and what documents are necessary for the application. In order to allow enough time for processing of Visa/Temporary Residence Permit application apply at least 3 months before your planned arrival to Slovakia.




Confirmation of health status


Within 30 days after obtaining the Temporary Residence Permit card you are legally obliged to submit at the Immigration Police Office the Confirmation of healthstatus, confirming that you do not suffer from any infectious illness (its spreading is a criminal act in Slovakia). Confirmation is issued by Authorised Health centre for foreign diseases after a medical check.


Orientation days


We organise Orientation days for the exchange students in order to help them to start they mobility in Ružomberok smoothly (3 working days before the official beginning of Teaching period of each Semester). That is why it is highly recommended to take part in it.


You can find photos from our last Orientation Days in our Photogallery.


Course of Slovak language for International Students 


Led by a qualified lector every semester a special course of Slovak language for students coming from abroad is organized at the Catholic University in Ružomberok. It starts before the official beginning of particular semester and is a part of orientation days. During these days 4 hours of Slovak language per day are offered for incoming Erasmus students. After that week the dotation for this course is 2 hours per week. That makes cca 40-46 hours altogether for the whole semester.

Students can enroll themselves for it at the beginning of each academic year or particular semester. Two ECTS credits are given for this course. One of the conditions to obtain them is that students must follow the course from its beginning till its end (orientation days included). For more information, please contact our International Office.

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