The Department of Special and Therapeutic Pedagogy offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD. study programmes in Special Pedagogy and Pedagogy for the Mentally Handicapped. It has been granted the right to provide the rigorous procedure. Therapeutic Pedagogy has been granted rights in Bachelor’s degree.

    The study program Special Pedagogy and Pedagogy for the Mentally Handicapped prepares educators – teachers, teaching assistants and special educators in special elementary schools, vocational schools, special and specialised classes in elementary schools for individuals with disabilities. Graduates in this study program will find employment in kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools, school facilities of educational counselling and prevention, children’s integration centres, re-education centres, student dormitories. The preparation of students is carried out with an emphasis on inclusive education and inclusive diagnostic of disabled children and pupils in mainstream kindergartens and primary schools. Therapeutic Education prepares experts for the qualified use of scientific knowledge within the framework of securing educational and social goals in education, rehabilitation and inclusion of individuals with disabilities, disadvantages or impairments.

    The Department of Special and Therapeutic Pedagogy focuses its scientific, research and publishing activities on international cooperation with major workplaces within the European Union and Ukraine. At the national level, the Department members act as experts in national educational projects focused on inclusive education of children and pupils with special educational needs. Currently, the Department is working on the project VEGA Creating an inclusive environment in kindergarten and inclusive approaches in diagnostics and in stimulating the development of socially disadvantaged children.