dsc02921Within the framework of Erasmus+ program, our University is establishing cooperation with new partners from the countries outside of the European Union.


We are excited to have started this cooperation also with Yarmouk University from Jordan. During this week, we are hosting the first visiting scholars from this institution. Mrs. Raidah Al-Ramadan and Mr. Bilal Sayaheen come from the program of translation studies and are giving talks about various aspects of translation and language use mainly for English students.


On Tuesday April 9, 2019, they also gave an invited talk Exploring Jordan about their home country. They introduced this interesting Middle Eastern country, its culture, customs and the Arabic language to our colleagues and students. Jordan is an open country willing to help a lot of refugees who are fleeing from neighbouring states such as Syria and Iraq. As a result, its population is rapidly growing. Even though Jordan does not have own oil resources, like some of its neighbours, it is a prosperous nation, emphasising the importance of educated population. Yarmouk University is an institution with about 40,000 students welcoming students from various continents. Presently, about 8,000 international students from the region but also from Europe, the United States and other parts of the world are studying there.