The Department of Slovak Language and Literature at the Faculty of Arts and Letters, Catholic University in Ruzomberok offers degree programmes at the bachelor (BA) and master (MA) level. Students may choose a teacher training programme teaching of Slovak language and literature (in combination with another subject), a single major study programme in Slovak language and literature or a double major study programme in Slovak language and literature combined with either English and American studies, German studies, history, philosophy or political science. Graduates of the programmes are well-prepared for careers in various fields of culture and media. They may find a job in the professions that require a professional approach to Slovak language, an acquaintance with the historical and contemporary literary and cultural context and an ability to critically interpret literary works and their artistic message (for instance, proofreading, editorial work, publishing, cultural work, research and teaching).

    The research of the faculty members concentrates on the following areas: synchrony and diachrony of the Slovak language (with a focus on Slovak and Slavic phraseology and dialectology); history of Slovak literature and theory of literature (with an emphasis on the Slovak poetry of the 20th century, the issues of genealogy, history and poetics of the older literature); the issues connected to the didactics of studying and teaching the mother tongue.