Faculty of Arts and Letters, The Catholic University in Ruzomberok

    The Catholic University in Ruzomberok is a public university with a religious character drawing on a venerable tradition of Catholic universities worldwide. Its mission is to pursue values of truth, unity, professionalism and responsibility while trying to form the hearts and minds of its students. The Catholic University in Ruzomberok consists of four faculties, providing education and pursuing research mainly in the areas of humanities, historical, social and natural sciences, pedagogy and health care.

    The Faculty of Arts and Letters of the Catholic University in Ruzomberok is known for its emphasis on rigorous teaching, a homely atmosphere, a friendly approach to students and student-centred education documented by a reasonable student-to-faculty ratio. Moreover, it offers first-rate technical equipment and various extracurricular activities for its students.

    According to the most prominent independent ranking and rating of higher education in Slovakia carried out by the Academic Ranking and Rating Agency (ARRA) the Faculty of Arts and Letters is one of the best faculties in the area of humanities in Slovakia – the last available ARRA report from 2015 places the faculty in second place among ten faculties with similar study programmes and research agendas in the country. Moreover, the annual report of the ARRA indicates that the faculty has the lowest percentage of unemployed alumni from all the faculties in the field of humanities in Slovakia. (Assessment of higher education institutions and their faculties 2015, www.arra.sk.)

    The faculty offers a number of BA (undergraduate) and MA (graduate) study programmes ranging from English and American Studies to Journalism. Furthermore, it also offers three PhD study programmes in history, journalism and philosophy. Faculty members pursue research on various crucial issues in the areas of humanities and the social and pedagogical sciences.

    The logo of the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the Catholic University in Ruzomberok contains the symbol of St. Andrew’s Cross, the apostle, and the patron saint of the local parochial church and the town of Ruzomberok.