Mgr. Samuel Štefan Mahút, PhD.

    Dean, Vysokoškolský učiteľ, Special assistant

    Dear students, you are on the threshold of an important life decision which can influence not only your future in the next years but also the whole course of your life. It is not easy to choose well from the rich offers of university education gladly welcoming you not only in Slovakia but over the whole world.

    Why the Faculty of Arts and Letters in little Ruzomberok? Dear friends, let me present several reasons why you should try it here and now. Within Slovakia we are a medium size faculty in terms of the range and variety of study programmes. However, compared to other faculties of arts we offer something more. Yes, you can study philosophy, history, English, German, journalism, psychology or Slovak in greater places than Ruzomberok. But you cannot find a place in Slovakia or the Czech Republic with that immense cultural and civilisation wealth which is inwrought in the net of hundreds catholic universities, in existence for centuries, all over the world. We proudly consider ourselves a young but integral and important part of this world academic community.

    We do not pretend to be Harvard or Oxford, but we look into the world and build a healthy and confident relationship with it. Our students have an opportunity to a achieve quality education in a homely, and I am not afraid to say, family environment. They can meet renowned scholars, they have access to a modern library, as well as having well-equipped laboratories and classrooms at their disposal. They also have an opportunity to spend a part of their studies at one of our many partner universities. But the greatest benefit is a personal and collegial approach. There are not many of us, teachers and students. But we know each other by name and, as in a family, we can share not only knowledge but also emotions and experiences. That is our strength.

    Marek Babic

    Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Letters

    Catholic University in Ruzomberok