Master Study Programs

    Master Study Programs

    The Catholic University in Ružomberok has following accredited Master Study Programs

    Faculty of Arts and Letters

    2 years: Philosophy, History, Journalism, Teacher Training Programs: English Language and Literature, Slovak Language and Literature, German Language and Literature, History Teaching, Philosophy, Religious Education.

    Faculty of Education

    2 years: Social Work, Management, Pedagogy of the Academical Subjects in Combination: Biology, Geography, Informatics, Mathematics, Pedagogy of the Artistic-Educational Subjects in Combination: Musicology - Instrument Performance, Musicology - Singing.

    5 years: Pedagogy of Special Artistic Subjects in Combination: Musicology - Instrument Performance, Musicology - Singing, Pedagogy of the general-educational Subjects: Biology, Mathematics, Musicology, Informatics, Religious Education, Creative Education.

    Faculty of Health Care

    2 years: Nursing

    Faculty of Theology

    2 years: Social Work, Social Philosophy

    5 years: Catholic Theology, Pedagogy of the general-educational Subjects: Religious Education, History, Society Science, Musicology.

    6 years: Catholic Theology