The Center of Lifelong Learning operates at the Pedagogical Faculty of the Catholic University in Ružomberok, in the field of preparation of new accredited educational activities and scientific research and other creative activities within the center, as well as in cooperation with other specialized institutions and experts at national or international level.

    As a professional and research center focused on providing educational activities to both internal and external applicants, priority has been focused not only on the systematic assurance of quality development of educational activities in the whole context of continuing education of pedagogical and professional staff, but also on expanding of educational activities for non-teaching professions.

    In the system of continuing education for pedagogical and professional staff, the following courses are offered:

      Educational programs for the first and second attestation,

      Educational preparations for pedagogical and professional employees.

    Credit Educational Programs

     Innovative mathematical education at 1st level of primary school/ secondary school,

     New trends in musical education,

     New model of pre-primary science education – Crayon physics,

     Innovative English language education at 2nd level of primary school/ secondary school,

     Prevention of drug addiction in school environment.

    Educational programs focusing on functional and functional innovative education

     Management of school and school facility for senior teaching staff and senior professional staff,

     Functional innovative education for refreshing and improving of professional competencies required for management activities for pedagogical and professional staff.

    Other lifelong education study programmes

      Methods of community planning of social services

      Community planning of social services

      Implementation of community plan of social services to practice

      Activation of people with dementia disease

    Faculty of Education, Catholic University, provides educational activities also for university graduates in non-teaching fields of study and for primary and secondary school teachers.

    Supplementary Pedagogical Education

    Four-semestral study for university graduates in non-teaching fields of study, so they acquire pedagogical competency to teach subjects.

    Extended Study of Special Pedagogy

    Four-semestral study for primary and secondary school teachers, university graduates in teaching or pedagogic field, so they acquire extended competency to teach in special schools.

    Extended study by another qualified subject

    It’s intended for teachers at primary and secondary schools and we provide this study in accredited second level programmes. In this type of study, teachers will acquire the ability to teach another qualified subject at primary or secondary schools.

    Subjects without talent exams:

    Biology/ Geography/ Informatics/ Mathematics/ Religious education

    Subjects with talent exams:

    Musical Arts ( piano, organ, singing)/ Arts
    Continuing teacher education