Dear students,

    welcome to the Faculty of Education of CU which has been recognized the best from among all the faculties of education in Slovakia in the Education category, according.
    The mission of our faculty is to provide quality science, the education and tuition of students in teaching training programmes and also in social work and management.
    All the areas of science mentioned are never ethically neutral. The final result and the meaning of the sciences oriented to a human being is the good. The academic disciplines where the essential attribute is a man are not the sciences „of something“ but first of all the sciences „of somebody“. Somebody who is a fairly concrete person and somebody who needs our help, our care, our time. – These are fundamental and essential ethical issues of our student´s training for their future life practice.

    Our faculty remains faithful to the Christian values, it manifests a respect for the traditions and is open to face the challenges of the contemporary life. As a school institution it is an attractive modern faculty which leans on university and academic environment´s traditions as well as on traditional values of European culture. The faculty has built up a lot of relations in the field of education, science and research since its establishment. It has participated actively in both domestic and foreign projects, furthermore it has cooperated with a lot of foreign universities and it has supported the learning mobility opportunities and the study stay of students and teaching staff. The faculty has created above – standard material and technical base.

    I am glad that many successful graduates have graduated from our faculty and they have found employment, both at home and abroad. These graduates earned professional esteem and reputation due to Faculty of Education of CU in Ružomberok and a study programme they had completed here.

    I perceive the Faculty of Education as a part of my identity. I would like to achieve the aim that all the workers, both teaching and non-teaching staff as well as students will perceive the Faculty of Education in this way. We form one team which should work towards one goal: creating the faculty which will form and educate young people, wise teachers, reliable social workers and managers with the Christian values orientation.
    I am very pleased with your interest and I am looking forward to the cooperation in favour of your good, our Faculty of Education and the whole university! An individual person is limited – a team provides the complementation – it is about all of us, we are one team! We are FECU in Ružomberok.

    PaedDr. Peter Krška, PhD.