The main mission of the Department is the preparation of informatics teachers for 2nd Level of education and development, ensuring comprehensive training for daily bachelor's and master's degree in informatics according to the study plan. The specialization of informatics can also be studied as the so-called Lifelong learning. The Department of Informatics also provides the necessary general education in Informatics for students of non-informatic disciplines. Our educators have long-term experience and experience in their field of science, which they also carry in the teaching process.

    The Department of Informatics has laboratories and classrooms with modern facilities and software.

    Laboratories and special classrooms

    Department of Informatics has 3 specialized labs:

    1. Laboratory of Optocommunication and Information systems,
    2. Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks,
    3. Electrotechnical Laboratory

    Furthermore, there are 2 computer classrooms in the department.

    Education-study programmes (Bachelor, Master and Lifelong learning)

    • The Department of Informatics FE CU has two disciplinary bachelor and master study programmes. Informatics Teaching (single subject) is extended by specialized subjects dedicated to web design and computer networks and go more in depth. Informatics Teaching in combination provides a wider application by selecting further approbation.
    • Furthermore, the Department also provides an extension pedagogical study in Informatics with a range of 4 semesters. The study consists of 176 hours of lectures and exercises. The study ends with the defense of the final work and the completion of the final exam. Graduates will receive a certificate of extension of pedagogical competence to teach the next and probation course-informatics.