The aim of the department is to prepare a graduate of the Faculty of Education in the field of teaching religious education, who can work as a teacher in primary and secondary schools, as a pastoral assistant, but also as a researcher in theology, religionistic, humanities and could work in a specialized educational institutions. The Department fulfills the set goals at a high level, as evidenced by the rights granted by the Accreditation Commission to conduct education at the bachelor and master level.

    The primary task of the Department of Catechetics and Practical Theology is to provide theoretical knowledge in the field of theology and provide catechetical practice for students of general education with specialization in Religious Education - Catholic Theology at the Faculty of Education of the Catholic University in Ružomberok.

    However, the department also focuses on the intellectual formation of students of secular subjects, who are educated in Catholic theology. It leads its students to the knowledge to reflect the problems of contemporary society, to seek their significance and meaning (theology is the science of seeking and finding meaning).

    Education – study programmes (Bachelor, Master and Lifelong learning)

    • The Department of Catechetics and Practical Theology implements the study program Religious Education Teaching in combination with another school subject or as a single-subject program at Bachelor and Master
    • In the Religious Education Teaching study program, applicants may apply for rigorous
    • The Department of Catechetics and Practical Theology within the framework of lifelong learning offers qualified teachers the possibility of an extension study, the possibility of extending their qualifications by apprenticeship in Religious