The beginnings of Department of Art are connected with the origin of university education in Ružomberok in 1995. In the following year the Art and Motion education department was created. After the foundation of Catholic University in the 2000, the Department of Art had been part of Faculty of Arts. In 2005 is passing from Faculty of Arts to the Faculty of Education of Catholic University, which is part of to this day.

    Education and scientific activities at Department of Art are secured by the lectures of history of arts and practical seminaries of educational art disciplines and didactics of art education.

    Professional experience constitutes a significant part of studies.

    Education – study programmes (Bachelor, Master)

    • The Department of Art is implementing study program Teacher Training in Art Education in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.
    • Graduate of study program will find employment as a teacher in first school and lower secondary school, as a teacher in Art schools as a pedagogical employee for extracurricular interest activities of children, employee of public service for relevant district and school-administrative and methodical employee, but also as well as art
    • Art workshops, implemented as a part of educational process, implemented as a part of

    Studios and special classrooms

    The Department of Art is well – equipped with many studios, where the teaching of planar and three-dimensional art disciplines is being implemented. The studios are well – equipped for production of sculpture, painting, graphic arts as well as new media. Studios are used for education of students of bachelor´s as well as master´s degree study and for research work of pedagogical employees.

    There is a reference library full of reference literature, magazines, anthologies, periodicals and catalogues which are concerned with issues of visual art in Slovakia as well as over the world. There are CET – ART, ethnographical and art centrum, near to the Department of Art, which is well – equipped with wide – ranging ethnologies of folk art and music Instruments, which were gathered up from Liptov and Orava regions.

    Education of subjects Professional experience takes place in schools of contract (Primary schools, Art schools) – partner subjects of the Department of Art.