The Department of Music, FE CU in Ružomberok, which dates from the foundation of the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of Žilina in the academic year 1995/96 (since 2000 the Faculty of Education of the Catholic University), is one of the youngest departments of such specialization in Slovakia. During its lifetime, the Department of Music (formerly the Department of Music Education) has developed into an agile, flexible, knowledgeable, highly qualified and stabilized department in this field. Based on pedagogical, scientific and artistic results, it has become a recognized workplace in the interactive area of partner departments, whose current pedagogical support is one of the best qualified in Slovakia in terms of musicpedagogical departments. The internal pedagogical composition of the department is currently - two professors, two associate professors, seven PhD teachers and two persons with ArtD. At present, the department presents itself with an exceptionally high quantity, and high quality of artistic activity, especially concert activities at home and abroad, along with a rich scientific research and publication activity.