The Department of Music, FE CU in Ružomberok, which dates from the foundation of the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of Žilina in the academic year 1995/96 (since 2000 the Faculty of Education of the Catholic University), is one of the youngest departments of such specialization in Slovakia. During its lifetime, the Department of Music (formerly the Department of Music Education) has developed into an agile, flexible, knowledgeable, highly qualified and stabilized department in this field. Based on pedagogical, scientific and artistic results, it has become a recognized workplace in the interactive area of partner departments, whose current pedagogical support is one of the best qualified in Slovakia in terms of musicpedagogical departments. The internal pedagogical composition of the department is currently - two professors, two associate professors, seven PhD teachers and two persons with ArtD. At present, the department presents itself with an exceptionally high quantity, and high quality of artistic activity, especially concert activities at home and abroad, along with a rich scientific research and publication activity.

    The vocal ensembles of the department, Schola Cantorum Rosenbergensis and the Benedictus,(the university choir), which role is to perform at the ceremonial, social and religious events at the university, but also to represent the Catholic University at domestic and foreign concerts, competitions and festivals.

    Concert halls and special classrooms

    The Department of Music has their own 12 specialized classrooms with pianos or grand pianos and three concert halls. The largest one is in the building of the Faculty of Health (Nám A. Hlinku 60, Ružomberok) - the “Organ Hall”, which is available to the Department of Music for concert purposes. The hall has a capacity of about 80 seats. It is equipped with the following musical instruments:

    - a two-manual pipe organ with twelve registers

    - a pipe organ

    - a grand piano

    The department also has use of the choir loft in the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Nám. A. Hlinku 58 in Ružomberok), where there is a two-manual pipe organ. The church premises allows for sacred music concerts in the evening. In addition, the Department has a small concert hall in the PF building at Nám. A. Hlinku 56, which is fully at its disposal. The hall has a capacity of about 60 seats and includes the following musical instrument:

    - grand piano built by Rieger-Kloss.

    The Department has their own 12 specialized classrooms with musical instruments: 3 grand pianos, 6 pianos, 2 pipe organs (two-manual), a pipe organ, 4 digital organs (two and threemanual), 3 electric pianos, a synthesizer, an accordion, a violin, a guitar, a dulcimer, 5 flutes, a set of about 40 easy-to-use instruments, a set of about 60 folk instruments.

    Education - study programmes (Bachelor, Master, PhD. and Continuous Education)

    The Department of Music implements the study program Teacher Training in Musical Education (in combination with other subjects) at the Bachelor and Master level • In addition, it also offers study program Teaching of Music - specialization organ, piano or voice - Bachelor and Master degree

    The PhD. study program Didactics of Music is also implemented at the Department

    Within the framework of lifelong learning, six different educational programmes are implemented at the Department of Music

    Members of our department also teach music subjects at the Department of Pre-school and Elementary Pedagogy of FE CU