Education and training of future social workers at the Faculty of Education of the Catholic University in Ružomberok (PF KU) has been going on since 2004, when the Department of Social Work was established. Until 2005 it was a part of the Institute of Social Sciences and Health, later it was one of the three departments of the Institute of Social Sciences. It has been functioning independently since 2013. Gradually, the Department has accredited bachelor, master and doctoral programmes in the field of social work, both full-time and part-time.  

    The Department's most recent programme is ESWOCHY - European Joint Master of Social Work with Children and Youth. This is a joint Erasmus Mundus study programme in English in which students study successively in four European countries. Their studies are supported by an EU scholarship. The Department of Social Work of the Faculty of Social Work is the first higher education institution in Slovakia to be awarded the prestigious Erasmus Mundus programme.

    The Department of Social Work of the Faculty of Social Work of the Faculty of Social Work of the University of Economics has become the highest quality social work education centre in Central and Eastern Slovakia. This follows from the results of the periodic evaluation of research, development, artistic and other creative activities of public universities, which in 2022 was published by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. The Department took second place in the national ranking.  

    The staff and students of the Department are involved in representative Slovak research, the results of which have an impact on policy decisions. For the National Coordination Centre for Addressing Violence against Children, they conducted research on the survival and behaviour of children and youth in Slovakia for the year 2022. For the Office of the Commissioner for Children, they participated in research on the views of children - seventh graders.

    The quality of education is also evidenced by the fact that students of the Department of Social Work regularly receive awards for Slovak rounds of university scientific activities. The Department of Social Work is a member of the Slovak Association of Social Work Educators and the European Association of Schools of Social Work.