The Department of Foreign Languages would like to welcome those applicants who wish to study Russian and Italian language – two of the world languages, the languages of international communication in Modern Europe and on the other continents, the language of hundreds of millions of people, the language of great history, literature and culture, the language so close and so comprehensible for the Slovaks! 

    The teaching process tends to be organized according to main modern didactic trends and, at the same time, in accordance to classical educational principles. It includes the in-depth studies of the linguistic theory, the theory and history of the Russian and Italian literature (and culture, in general). The most significant place in the linguistic preparation of students is, for sure, occupied by the practical classes in functioning and using the Russian and Italian language in the broader context of human communication, starting from the most basic issues up to the topics of B2/C1 level of a foreign language acquisition. We would like to welcome new students with different levels of language proficiency, starting from complete beginners (of “false” beginners) up to speakers of Russian and Italian as a second language. The significant part of language and literature classes is conducted by the teachers-native speakers of Russian and Italian. The graduates have the potential for a practical use of their language education, primarily as the Russian and Italian language teachers at the Slovak primary or secondary schools, but also as intercultural mediators in business sphere, international institutions or state administration, as tourist guides, editors and proofreaders in publishing houses or in advertising studios, and even as workers in the diplomatic service. 

    Education - study programmes

    The Department of Foreign Languages provides these study programmes: Italian Language and Literature in combination (Bachelor, Master), Russian Language and Literature in
    combination (Bachelor, Master), Russian Language and Literature (Bachelor, single-subject).