Student and his grandmother thank the Department of Social Work

    After the successful completion of my grandson Jakub Šimek’s 5 year study at the Catholic University in Ružomberok, I would like to thank the CU executive board and all teachers at the Department of Social Work for the patience and knowledge they passed not only to him but also to other students. Special thanks goes to his diploma thesis tutor Dr. Lenka Štefáková and also to opponent assoc. professor Irena Kamanová, for their professional guidance, valuable advice, comments and invaluable assistance with writing his thesis.
    Thanks also go to the staff of the Counseling Center for their kindness to my grandson and all students with special needs and to the University Pastoral Center – the center of welcome and the “heart” of the Catholic University.

    I would also like to thank the staff of the publishing department, all the staff of the university library and the study department, especially Mrs. Mgr. Eva Bumberová.
    Thanks also to the staff of the canteen, cafeterias, the staff of the concierge and all the students who knew me and had patience with me.
    I wish the Department of Social Work success and nice moments in the coming years with good and hard-working students, whose mission will be to help all those who need help in our society (disadvantaged, unemployed, drug addicts, maladapted, adolescents, …).

    Best regards with respect and gratitude                                           Katarína Mešková