Department of Physical Education and Sport

    Department of Physical Education and Sport

    The Department of Physical Education and Sport has been providing courses in Physical Education at the Faculty of Education of the CU to provide a bachelor's and master's program of pre-school and elementary education and teaching for primary education, since 1997.

    Since 2019 it is possible to study at the department bachelor´s study program Physical Education as single-subject as well as in combination. The department provides courses for reconditioning - relaxation exercises, fitness training (season skills - hiking, swimming course, rescue of a drowning, ski course) for the bachelor study program of Physiotherapy.

    Department staff teach the subject of fitness training Emergency Health Care at the Faculty of Health of the Catholic University for the bachelor's program.

    We also provide optional physical education courses for all Catholic University students.

    We organize several sports tournaments during the academic year in cooperation with the University and Pastoral Center.