The Catholic University of Ružomberok has established, maintained, and deepened dozens of partnerships for the purpose of institutional cooperation, international exchange, research, education, and student practice.


    The Catholic University of Ružomberok is a member of the Slovak consortium of U10+ universities. The aim of the consortium is to improve the conditions for the integration of Slovak universities. It enables to create their synergy in uniting resources and capacities in the field of education, scientific activity, and student care.

    Catholic Universities Partnership (CUP)

    Now celebrating 20 years of progressive developments in programming, infrastructure, and research, the CUP continues to foster international collaboration among institutions of higher learning across Europe. As well as robust programs in support of CUP leaders and scholars, the Nanovic Institute helps further the CUP mission by supporting annual meetings hosted by one of its partner institutions. Catholic University in Ružomberok is the partner institution.

    The Baltic University Programme (BUP) 

    BUP is one of the largest university cooperation's in the world, with more than 100 participating universities in the Baltic Sea Region, cooperating for education and research in Sustainable Development and Democracy.  Catholic University in Ružomberok is the participating university.


    The European Federation of Catholic Universities was created in 1991 with the conviction of being able to offer anew contribution to the network of Catholic universities, building on the positive path of European integration. Catholic University in Ružomberok is the member university.


    The target of the initiative Three seas universities network is to strengthen international cooperation among universities, intensify exchange and expand research. Catholic University in Ružomberok is the member institution.

    EURAXESS – Researchers in motion 

    EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion  is a one-stop shop for researchers and innovators seeking to advance their careers and personal development by moving to other countries. We provide tailored information and support, free of charge, to researchers, entrepreneurs and research performing organisations. Our unique web portal offers job, funding and hosting opportunities, career development guidance and free tools and much more. EURAXESS network counts 43 European countries and 9 worldwide hubs. 


    The Catholic University of Ružomberok is a member of ESWOCHY, a consortium of universities from four European Union countries that have joined together to offer a joint Erasmus Mundus Master's degree programme. Our university is the first recipient of an Erasmus Mundus grant in the history of Slovakia.
    We look forward to being approached by other potential partners. Our university focuses on research in the fields of teaching, management, journalism, psychology, theology, social work, health care.