Statement of the rector of Catholic University in Ružomberok on the War in Ukraine

    Catholic University in Ružomberok strongly condemns Russia’s violent actions and its policy of military conquest.

    All independent countries have the right to democratically decide their future and the course they wish to take. Russia has violated not only the principles of international law but also the ideals of European civilisation and peaceful coexistence between European nations. These actions exclude Russia from the community of civilised European nations of the 21st century.

    People in the Slovak Republic – with their historical experience of being invaded in 1938 and again in 1968 – should be particularly vigilant and acutely aware of the seriousness of this situation and warn others about its implications.

    Catholic University in Ružomberok is prepared to provide whatever assistance it can to Ukrainian citizens in need, especially to students and academics, and to actively engage in the coordination of humanitarian and other necessary aid. We want support local students in need and will do its best to facilitate the admission of students and scientists from Ukraine who are in danger.

    The Catholic University in Ružomberok is aware of its social responsibility and sees itself as an open and international university that strives in many ways for the peaceful and sustainable existence of individuals and people from all nations together.

    In addition, there are staff and students with Ukrainian citizenship at the Catholic University in Ružomberok. Our special sympathy and unreserved solidarity goes out to them.


    doc. Ing. Jaroslav Demko, CSc.