Informácie o publikácii

    Autor/Kolektív:Mgr. Levente David Palatinus, PhD.
    Ďalší autori:Martina Vranova and Zeno Vernyik
    Rok vydania:2018
    Crime and Detection in Contemporary Culture

    Americana eBooks, 2018, 151 pp.

    The book highlights crime fiction’s ability to constantly reinvent itself, its ubiquity and reliance on participation that make it, as a genre as well as a mode, so powerful and capable of mobilizing audiences more than any other form of genre fiction. The collection offers innovative approaches to recent manifestations both in literary fiction and across converging media that demonstrate how crime fiction as a critical paradigm becomes conducive to (generic) subversion, transgression and hybridization. The volume brings together scholarship from the areas of history, literature, culture, gender and politics, and aims to constitute crime fiction as a mode which successfully channels social anxieties and ethical dilemmas both historically and

    in our present historic time when our sense of security has become eroded in relation to our identities. The volume can be ordered through Amazon: