Resilience and Recovery

    (project on underground Catholic press communities)

    Informácie o projekte

    Koordinujúca organizácia:Nanovic Institute for European Studies
    Číslo projektu:40779945
    Doba riešenia projektu:1. Sept 2023 - 30. Apr 2024
    Vedúci projektu:doc. Victor Khroul, Ph.D.
    Zahraničný projekt:áno
    The texts of the underground Catholic press during the Soviet era have been published and are fairly well studied. However, the context of these activities - the formation of stable communities, connections, channels for disseminating information, mutual support, and solidarity are underexposed in academic discourse. Yet it was the resilience of underground communities and networks that later became the catalyst for the Christian revival in the former Soviet Union, showing their ability to absorb change and disturbance and still maintain the same relationships between populations or state variables. The proposed project fills an understudied gap in the academic discourse and has heuristic value because it can explain the reasons for such a rapid and effective revival of Catholic Church structures in the former Soviet Union on the basis of the underlying Catholic press communities.