Useful instructions for the thesis:     Thesis Supervision Guidelines + Appendix: for theses in linguistics

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    Choosing a topic and a supervisor for the thesis

    Students can choose any of the teachers of the department as a thesis supervisor, even the ones whose classes they have not attended, on the basis of students' interests and teachers' expertise. Below you find a list of people and topics (and more detailed personal profiles here).

    Potential thesis topics are advertised in ais2, but whether students find a theme of their liking there or not, they should contact the teacher directly, who will tell them whether they are still available for supervision, and they can also help students choose a better topic and/or find a more suitable supervisor if they feel incompetent in the topics the student mentions.

    People and topics:

    prof. Nóra Séllei, Ph.D., DrSc. -

    19th and 20th Century Women Writers, Feminist Literary Theory and Criticism, Women’s Studies, Gender Studies, Modernist Narrative Techniques, Theory of Autobiography, Feminist Film Theory and Criticism

    Mgr. David Levente Palatinus, Ph.D. -

    C20-21 American Literature, Society and Digital Media, Anthropocene and Media, Medicine and Media, Cultural Theories of the Post-Millennium, Television Genres

    doc. Mgr. Janka Kaščáková, PhD. -

    19th and Early 20th Century English Literature, Modernism, Modernist Short Story, Katherine Mansfield, Fantasy Literature, J. R. R. Tolkien

    Mgr. Katalin Balogné Bérces, PhD. -

    English linguistics, Phonological theory, Government Phonology, Pronunciation teaching, Foreign accent

    Mgr. Jela Kehoe, PhD. -

    Translation Studies, ELT, Irish Mythology

    Bc. John Kehoe -

    Communicative Skills in EL, Business English, Idioms and Phrasal Verbs in EL

    PaedDr. Katarína Labudová, Ph.D. -

    Contemporary British Literature, Canadian Literature, Angela Carter, Margaret Atwood, Fairy Tales