Resilience and Recovery

    (Project on the Word of Life youth group that met in Šaľa under the Communist regime and how this community connects to the broader Focolare Movement and Mariapoli meetings.)

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    Koordinujúca organizácia:Nanovic Institute for European Studies
    Číslo projektu:40468037
    Doba riešenia projektu:1. Sept 2023 - 30. Apr 2024
    Vedúci projektu:prof. Dr. Phil. fac. theol. Peter Volek
    Zahraničný projekt:áno
    The experience of a small community of young active Catholics from the period of socialism represents the life experience of its members and the strength they drew from the Word of Life written by Chiara Lubich, the founder of the Focolare Movement. It helped them maintain their faith in the era of totalitarianism and in the era of freedom. The methodology of the research work will consist of a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part (desk research), a method of processing outputs from the oral history of individual members of the community of the Word of Life group in Šaľa and a connection with the history of the spreading of the Focolare Movement and the history of the Catholic Church in Slovakia from the end of the sixties until the recent past will be developed. In the practical part (field work), interviews will be conducted with former members of the Word of Life group. These will be processed into the case study part of the chapter.