Faith and Freedom Research Project

    Donor: Nanovic Institute, University of Notre Dame (Indiana, USA)

    Informácie o projekte

    Číslo projektu:IRB approval 21-01-6381
    Doba riešenia projektu:1. Jan 2021 - 1. Jan 2022
    Vedúci projektu:prof. Mgr. Terézia Rončáková PhD.
    Zahraničný projekt:áno

    The project investigates the role of faith-based actors, especially the Catholic Church, in creating and sustaining economic, political and religious freedoms in Central and Eastern Europe after 1989.

    The project seeks answers to four questions: (1) What is the role of religious faith in resisting the restrictions on freedoms through communist regimes? (2) What is the role of faith in shaping the transition from communism to democratic regimes and a free market system? (3) What is the role of faith in developing sustainable entrepreneurship in three post-communist countries? (4) What is the role of faith in building strong civil societies and communities in former communist countries?

    We seek to create an archive of eye witness interviews as well as literature reviews, with a future aim of creating an online course and resources.