Media Literacy Essential Competence for European Digital Citizenship (MELIECOMEDICI)

    Informácie o projekte

    Koordinujúca organizácia:ERASMUS-JMO-2021-CHAIR ERASMUS Lump Sum Grant
    Číslo projektu:ID 101047851
    Doba riešenia projektu:1. Jan 2022 - 1. Jan 2024
    Vedúci projektu:doc. Mgr. Pavel Izrael, PhD.
    Zahraničný projekt:áno

    The main project's objectives are:

    - to enhance media competence of university students to critically assess information in media;

    - to develop ability of recipients of media content to identify potentially harmful alternative media contributing to destabilization of trust to media by spreading hoaxes and disinformation;

    - to further develop European Union studies within the curricula of the Catholic University in Ružomberok and support sense of belonging to the European Union community among university students;

    - to raise awareness of the importance of citizens’ networking and participation in the EU matters in digital environment;

    - to bridge the gap between academics and policymakers in Slovakia in the field of media literacy activities and protection of minors in media environment; to raise awareness of EU media policy (acts, recommendations, activities).