Resilience and Recovery

    (Project on the resilience and recovery of Scout communities in Slovakia across three bans in the 20th century)

    Informácie o projekte

    Koordinujúca organizácia:Nanovic Institute for European Studies
    Číslo projektu:40779675
    Doba riešenia projektu:1. Sept 2023 - 30. Apr 2024
    Vedúci projektu:Mgr. Samuel Štefan Mahút, PhD.
    Zahraničný projekt:áno
    The project focuses on the Scout communities in Slovakia, which experienced difficult times, since Scouting was banned 3 times in the 20th century. The goal of the project will be to highlight the resilience of Scout communities during these difficult times, as well as to present their story of successful recovery. The project will 1) explore crucial factors helping this resilient movement to survive during the ban (1970-1989), it will 2) identify what proved to be most helpful when it came to recovery after 1989, and it will also 3) consider the biggest mistakes the scouts made during these mentioned periods.