Katedrála sv. Martina v Spišskej Kapitule

    Building of the Collegiate church of St. Martin at the turn of 13th century, indicates the importance of Spiš County in the policy set forth by the Hungarian kings of the Arpad family. Two buildings had risen, unique for the region of Hungarian kingdom: Chapter church of St. Martin and Spiš castle as a royal residence. Church of St. Martin became the memorial place of burial for many members of the families, who lived in the Spiš castle. The church became the place where various significant works of art sui generis had been collected as well. The latest architectonic-historical research proved the fact, that in the very beginning Cathedral included a transept. Room, situated on the second floor in the western part of the double-tower, was re-defined as a representative hall (royal westwerk). The presented book offers description of both the historical and architectural evolving of the St. Martin´s Cathedral in Spišská Kapitula, together with the catalogue of preserved architectural and mason fragments, monuments, altars etc., belonging to the Cathedral.

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    Autor/Kolektív:Mgr. et Mgr. Vladimír Olejník, PhD.
    Ďalší autori:Ing. Peter Glos, Mgr. Peter Harčar, Ing. Magdaléna Janovská, PhDr. Mária Novotná, Ing. Ľubor Suchý, PhD., PhDr. Mgr. Marián Uličný, PhD.
    Vydavateľstvo:Spišské Podhradie – Levoča : Rímskokatolícka cirkev Biskupstvo Spišské Podhradie – Štúdio J+J, s.r.o.
    Rok vydania:2017
    Katedrála sv. Martina v Spišskej Kapitule