Kaspar Lutz a jeho dielo Geistliche Apotheck z fondu františkánskych knižníc

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    Autor: Mária Pitáková

    In: Notitiæ historiæ ecclesiasticæ

    ISSN: 1338-9572 (Print)

    ISSN: 2730-0153 (Online)

    Ročník: 12

    Číslo: 1

    Strany: 9-23

    Rok vydania: 2023

    Vydavateľ: VERBUM – vydavateľstvo Katolíckej univerzity v Ružomberku

    Abstract: The epidemic has currently surprised us all and has also caught us unprepared. It was no different in the past. People died of various diseases and did not know how to react. Some of them ran away, thinking that they would avoid similar diseases. Others stayed and cared for their loved ones and relatives. However, which decision was the right one? This and other questions were answered by Kaspar Lutz, whose interesting work Geistliche Apotheck is in the collection of the Slovak National Library. As it was written in German, it was intended for the general public. The work dealt primarily with the causes of the plague, of which God's punishment for human sins came first. In 12 chapters, the author discussed the problems related to the plague, which affected the majority of the population. These are questions of a primarily spiritual nature. Nevertheless, this aspect of life has been and is still needed for people today. Although doctors most often wrote these works, they often ultimately recommended prayers to avert the plague.

    Keywords: epidemic, God, punishment, sins, the Bible, 16th century


    PITÁKOVÁ, Mária. Kaspar Lutz a jeho dielo Geistliche Apotheck z fondu františkánskych knižníc. In: Notitiæ historiæ ecclesiasticæ [online]. Ružomberok: VERBUM – vydavateľstvo Katolíckej univerzity v Ružomberku, 2023, 12 (1), s. 9-23. ISSN 1338-9572 (Print). ISSN 2730-0153 (Online). Dostupné na internete: https://doi.org/10.54937/nhe.2023.12.1.9-23