Klinická prezentácia tuberkulózy na intenzívnej jednotke

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    Autori: Tomáš Turoček, Eva Rozborilová, Peter Šterbák

    In: Zdravotnícke štúdie

    ISSN: 1337-723X

    Ročník: 15

    Číslo: 2

    Strany: 3-7

    Rok vydania: 2023

    Vydavateľ: VERBUM – vydavateľstvo Katolíckej univerzity v Ružomberku

    Abstract: Tuberculosis is a curable communicable infectious disease in majority caused by bacillus Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tuberculosis patients requiring acute intensive care make up about 1-3% of all tuberculosis patients. Targeted therapy is often delayed due to the atypical progression of the tuberculosis disease and its forms. Patients with respiratory failure due to advanced destruction of the lung parenchyma in pulmonary tuberculosis are among the most common reasons for admission to the intensive care unit. Massive hemoptysis as a symptom of advanced chronic tuberculosis is a severe condition with a risk of suffocating the patient. Neurological symptoms in miliary tuberculosis are a common sign of advanced disease, leading the patient to the intensive care department. Tuberculosis patients, regardless of age, often present with serious hypoalbuminemia, which is a significant predictor of mortality and morbidity. 

    Keywords: Tuberculosis. Respiratory failure. Intensive care unit. Hemoptysis. Miliary tuberculosis. Hypoalbuminemia.


    TUROČEK, Tomáš – ROZBORILOVÁ, Eva – ŠTERBÁK, Peter. Klinická prezentácia tuberkulózy na intenzívnej jednotke. In: Zdravotnícke štúdie [online]. Ružomberok: VERBUM – vydavateľstvo Katolíckej univerzity v Ružomberku, 2023, 15 (2), s. 3-7. ISSN 1337-723X. Dostupné na internete: https://doi.org/10.54937/zs.2023.15.2.3-7