Psychická záťaž sestier a pracovisko dlhodobo chorých

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    Autori: Jozef Babečka, Mária Lehotská, Eva Moraučíková, Lukáš Kober, Viera Simočková

    In: Zdravotnícke štúdie

    ISSN: 1337-723X

    Ročník: 16

    Číslo: 1

    Strany: 25-32

    Rok vydania: 2024

    Vydavateľ: VERBUM – vydavateľstvo Katolíckej univerzity v Ružomberku


    Introduction: The article deals with the psychological workload of nurses working at the workplace of long-term patients.
    Goal: The goal of the work is to determine the level of psychological burden of nurses and its management at the workplace of long-term sick ward.patients.
    Methodology: In the study, a quantitative form of survey was chosen through a standardized questionnaire, which was supplemented with its own anonymous questions. The survey sample consisted of 216 respondents who worked in the position of a nurse in long-term care, while the condition was at least 1 year of experience at the given workplace. 
    Results: It was found that 56% of the respondents decided on the given job because it was their dream job goal. The incidence of feeling stressed less than every week due to work was reported by 43% of respondents. Up to 58% of respondents felt mental and physical stress to the same degree. Psychological stress was caused by cooperation and communication with nurses in up to 49%. For 21% of respondents, the stressful situations were urgent, and in 16% the nurses‘ behavior played a role. 
    Conclusion: From the results, it is possible to clearly recommend a higher level of education, preventive programs, an increase in the frequency of education and an expansion of educational resources related to burnout syndrome and psychological stress. 

    Keywords: Psychological stress. Nurse. Long-term patients Nursing,


    BABEČKA, Jozef et al. Psychická záťaž sestier a pracovisko dlhodobo chorých. In: Zdravotnícke štúdie [online]. Ružomberok: VERBUM – vydavateľstvo Katolíckej univerzity v Ružomberku, 2024, 16 (1), s. 25-32. ISSN 1337-723X. Dostupné na internete: