Vedenie ľudí a motivácia ako súčasti podnikovej kultúry vybraného podniku

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    In: REFLEXIE  Kompendium teórie a praxe podnikania

    ISSN: ISSN 2730-020X

    Ročník: 7

    Číslo: 2

    Strany: 23-42

    Rok vydania: 2023

    Vydavateľ: VERBUM – vydavateľstvo Katolíckej univerzity v Ružomberku

    Abstract: The main goal of the paper is to evaluate the leadership and motivation of people and employees as part of the corporate culture in the selected company. The selected company has been operating in Slovakia since 2000, when it opened its first branch. Today, this chain of stores operates almost all over Slovakia and is still expanding. Primary and secondary data, methods of analysis, synthesis, deduction, comparison and statistical methods (Chi square test) are used to prepare the contribution. The first part contains theoretical starting points and knowledge of the investigated issue from Slovak and foreign sources. The methodology contains a precise definition of the main goal, sub-goals, material and work procedure. Follow the analysis of the actual state of the selected subject. We use the questionnaire method to obtain information to evaluate leadership and motivation. The questionnaire consists of 14 questions, 5 of which are identification questions, the others are focused on the preferred style of people management and satisfaction, on building a corporate culture, on current benefits and satisfaction with them, on possible benefits and on demotivation factories. The survey was attended by 57 respondents who are employees of one of the branches. 3 hypotheses are formulated as part of the survey. Among the main analyses, we can include satisfaction with the leadership style, the perception of corporate culture in the sense of "Everything for people" (for customers and employees), but also negative things such as insufficient current benefits and demotivation in the form of employees, bad working relations or insufficient environmental responsibility. All 3 hypotheses were rejected. Satisfaction with leadership style does not depend on years of service, satisfaction with receiving benefits does not affect the age of employees, and building a corporate culture does not depend on people's leadership style. Subsequently, proposals and recommendations for practice are formulated based on the analysis. Among the most important proposals are support for the health of employees in the form of vitamin packages and wellness, sick days, financial rewards and team building. the height of the conclusion of the contribution are also the limitations of the research and its possible extensions.

    Keywords: Leadership. Motivation. Corporate culture. Management.


    VRÁBLIKOVÁ Mária et al. Vedenie ľudí a motivácia ako súčasti podnikovej kultúry vybraného podniku. In: REFLEXIE  Kompendium teórie a praxe podnikania [online]. Ružomberok: VERBUM – vydavateľstvo Katolíckej univerzity v Ružomberku, 2023, 07 (1), s. 23-42. ISSN 2730-020X. Dostupné na internete: