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    Autor: Anna Masariková

    In: Studia Scientifica Facultatis Paedagogicae Universitas Catholica Ružomberok

    ISSN: 1336-2232

    Ročník: 21

    Číslo: 1

    Strany: 79-92

    Rok vydania: 2022

    Vydavateľ: VERBUM – vydavateľstvo Katolíckej univerzity v Ružomberku

    Abstract: In Slovakia, there were publicized cases of victims who talked about the fact that they were sexually abused by the leaders at the children's camp. This finding provoked not only a wave of outrage, but also efforts to prevent this phenomenon. The solid organizers of the camps decided to contact the experts in the field of prevention and ask them for such a type of prevention. Our contribution offers an evaluation of the prevention program, which was implemented in response to this situation. The main goal of the paper is to present the results of research aimed at finding out whether the knowledge of respondents, volunteers at the children's camp, has increased after completing the prevention program. The research strategy of the presented research has a quantitative character. We used a quasi-experimental design. A non-standardized self-designed questionnaire was used for data collection. We did two knowledge measurements - pretest and postest at the same research group. The data were analyzed using the IBM SPSS statistical program. We came to the conclusion that there is a significant difference in the knowledge of respondents before and after the implementation of the program in favor of the implemented program. After the implementation of the program, the respondents' knowledge increased, so we would recommend repeating it in the future.

    Keywords: Evaluation. CSA. Children's camp. Prevention. Prevention program.


    MASARIKOVÁ, Anna. Evaluácia programu zameraného na prevenciu sexuálneho zneužívania detí. In: Studia Scientifica Facultatis Paedagogicae Universitas Catholica Ružomberok [online]. VERBUM – vydavateľstvo Katolíckej univerzity v Ružomberku, 2022, 21 (1), s. 79-92. ISSN 1336-2232. Dostupné na internete: https://doi.org/10.54937/ssf.2022.21.1.79-92